InterFaith Sanctuary

InterFaith Sanctuary

Give today and your donation will be doubled! That’s because a generous donor has offered a $1 MILLION MATCH!


Your gift will be used to build our new shelter of hopes and dreams, where our seniors will be safely housed, our families with children will have a safer setting, and all our guests will have more meaningful space. This new reimagined shelter will bring community, case management, medical support, and learning spaces to one location. In addition, the new space will make more space for programming, such as work preparedness and mental health programming, including for recovery.


We have stretched and grown so much the past three years, as we have adapted to meet our community’s needs–including from the aftermath of a pandemic and a housing crisis. We went from serving 164 guests in one shelter to serving up to 220 guests a night in two different shelter settings. We created a senior and medically fragile program; a food service training program; and a homeless art collective, which offers art therapy and an opportunity for our creative souls to earn supplemental incomes. We have given voice to our often overlooked and misunderstood population with our homeless newspaper, Word on the Street, which is a collection of stories, poems, art, and news articles created by our guests and unhoused population that is delivered to 30,000 households per month.

Your contribution to this million dollar match will keep building hopes and dreams for our guests through innovative and creative solutions. Your gift will empower us to continue pushing the envelope in a million different ways to keep fighting for the solutions that will move our guests back into housing of their own!

Every dollar raised from now until August 31, 2023 will be matched up to $1 million—that means we will have raised $2 million at the end of this donation drive.

Thank you for giving today and making a difference in our community!

InterFaith Sanctuary


Interfaith Sanctuary Shelter by day is a home to second chances for our unemployed, our mentally fragile, and our friends struggling with addiction. Our building is a sanctuary of learning, recovering, growing, creating and moving forward towards a better life.

Interfaith Sanctuary Hotel Shelter is home to preschool learning, parenting classes, case management support, housing services, and nutritional support. It is also home to our senior homeless population where finally our medically fragile have a safe space to be all day and the ability to receive care and support. Your donation supports both shelter locations and all of these wonderful programs:

FAMILY PROGRAM: This program includes family case management, medical and mental health support, transportation to appointments, kids’ activities, group and one-on-one support, and our Educational Program for kids of all ages.

PROJECT RECOVERY: Our on-site addiction recovery program, supported through a partnership with TRIVIUM, offers guests group and one-on-one counseling; art and music therapy; fitness and nutrition classes; and a community of support.

PROJECT WELL BEING: This program offers mental health support, art therapy; fitness and meditation classes; counseling, and med management. Guests also have the opportunity to contribute to our guest-driven newspaper “Word on the Street,” which has a monthly circulation of 30,000.

PROJECT REACH OUT: This program was designed for young adults who are experiencing homelessness to find a safe space and connection with others who have similar struggles so they gain a sense of belonging.

ST. VINCENT de PAUL WORK PROGRAM/HOMELESS ART COLLECTIVE RETAIL SPACE: This program gives guests an opportunity for employment in St. Vincent de Paul’s warehouse and thrift shop. The retail space is available for guests who are artist to sell their amazing work.

FOOD SERVING TRAINING PROGRAM: This on-site Food Service Training Program is designed to get our guests employed in the food service industry. Coursework helps guests receive their serve/safe certification, as well as learn how to prepare meals, maintain cleanliness, and learn food inventory systems and food storage safety requirements.

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