LOCK"D IN Product Reviews

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Love the blue mug especially for my Lockdin nootropic coffee!

Best energy drink I’ve had to date. Absolutely no jitters and the taste is so good! Will deff be buying more!

Not too big into coffee but this blend is fantastic! Highly recommend for people who are regular coffee drinkers. You won’t be disappointed. Great product👍🏻

Amazing taste and love the extra benefits! Packaging of the pods could be better, but I’ll definitely order again.

Energy Boost without the Crash

This drink not only tastes amazing, but the clean energy boost I received and had no crash was the best part of it. This has the opportunity to really catch fire.

Amazing coffee!!!

Very high quality coffee!! Its beats Starbucks and Dunkin for sure!! Got to give it a try!!!

Alkaline water is the best!

I only drink water. This has quickly become one of my go to waters vs. the other on the market.

excellent water

great tasting water, feel great after drinking a few cans each day


Great refreshing product!!!

Love this product. Will be ordering more Lock'din hydrogen water soon.

Delicious and boosting

The drink had tremendous taste and offered a nice energy boost but not in a jittery way. The low calorie sweetener was perfect for those looking to get a boost to energy not blood sugar.

Tried All 4

Went with regular Quad c water, orange, strawberry, and lime. I still think my favorite is the original. Great stuff!

Best Hydrogen water around

This new way of hydrating is going to be a huge hit when people find out how many benefits it has over just drinking regular water. Great tasting, crisp and refreshing

Very Refreshing

This water is so refreshing and smooth. I feel hydrated and rejuvenated after drinking it. I'm looking forward to trying the flavored water and coffee.

Replaces my daily routine of reign or monster energy drinks !!

The Nootropics I have to say are out of this world! I love these drinks, My focus is like holding the Contiuum Transfuctioner , ready to save the world! ‘Dude Where’s my car’ ,

The hydrogen water I can honestly say “for myself” that after the last few years of trying the product I get more energy feeling and well being than any other energy drinks I’ve had ! No bs! Joe is a great guy, who developed these products solely for us to enjoy and live a much healthier lifestyle! I highly suggest trying these amazing products!


Dr Tim

I am very pleased with the Berry Cherry Nootropic performance drink. I am a General Dentist and need focus with no jitters on a daily basis to be at my best for the many complicated procedures and busy schedule. This drink is the perfect start to my day without all the sugars!! I have been a long time fan of the Hydrogen water as well. Thank you.

Real effects

LOCK'DIN Hydrogen Water continues to be a difference maker for me and my wife. We cannot live without hydrogen water at this point. Its health effects are real and serve a critical role in our lives. We have tried other hydrogen water but have not found it to be as effective. What's the secret sauce? We don't know, but you've gained lifelong customers with us!

Coffee Kcups

Makes a good cup
Of coffee, will keep buying.