Clean Shot Living - A Sober and Transitional Residential Community

Clean Shot Living - A Sober and Transitional Residential Community

"You Got This, And We Got You"

Clean Shot Living, established in 2015, exists to provide housing, resources, and services to those seeking to rebuild their lives from the effects of addiction, abuse and homelessness.

In the beginning, Tom reached out to community leaders and found Erlinda Carroll, also known as "EC", running a sober living residence. EC’s devotion to recovery caught the attention of Tom Zarro while she was working at a sober living residence.

He was impressed by her passion for helping people recover from a life of addiction. Tom soon asked EC to partner with him as he wanted to start a sober living / transitional housing property. They started with one unit, in an apartment complex Tom owned. EC got four sober living clients into that first unit and, with that, Clean Shot Living was born.

Now they have 8 buildings and 100 residents which consists of sober living clients and Veterans. Today, EC is a prominent figure in the recovery community and a well-known, respected woman in Las Vegas, NV. She has touched hundreds of lives with her humble and compassionate nature and is known for going above and beyond to rescue, love and mentor the people that come to Clean Shot Living.

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