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LOCK'DIN Original Hydrogen-Rich Water w/ Quad-C (Case of 12)

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The Next Generation of High-Performance Water 

Over 1,500 medical studies and years of research within medical, athletic, and anti-aging communities have evidenced the ability of hydrogen water to enhance how our bodies feel, perform, recover, and renew at the cellular level. These findings have contributed to a high level of interest from health-minded individuals in search of achieving the highest level of health, performance, and recovery. 

For many years, hydrogen water was used only within the medical community and with elite athletes. Now, with the advances in education and technology, hydrogen water is available to everyone with only a few companies producing a quality hydrogen water product. So, what makes LOCK’DIN Hydrogen-Rich Water the most effective product available? 

  • Combat Fatigue
  • Antioxidant Power
  • Quicken Recovery

It’s quite simple as to 3 reasons why LOCK’DIN Hydrogen-Rich Water reigns supreme:

  1. We deliver the highest amount (3 PPM+ or 3 parts per million+) of molecular hydrogen, more than any hydrogen water product on the market.
  2. We use only fresh, pure, and natural mountain spring water vs. reverse osmosis, purified water, or distilled water.
  3. We infused our hydrogen water with Quad-C, a precise complex of colloidal minerals to supercharge cells to support health and performance functions for the mind and body.

Collectively, fresh mountain spring water enriched with 3 parts per million of molecular hydrogen and the Quad-C colloidal mineral complex provides a science-driven all-purpose performance water to help you refresh, recharge, and renew the mind and body.  Finally, a research-driven water that delivers both health and performance benefits you can feel. 

  • REFRESH Mind
  • RECHARGE Cells
  • RENEW Body

Quad-C Colloidal Mineral Complex

Colloidal minerals are small “nanotized” water-soluble trace minerals that help to replenish the body so that the entire system can function properly.  Each serving of LOCK’DIN Hydrogen-Rich Water delivers four key colloidal minerals (Platinum, Gold, Copper, and Zinc) to support the mind and body for optimal antioxidant protection, athletic performance, and cellular recovery.

  • Platinum: Helps reduce oxidative stress
  • Gold: Supports mental clarity
  • Copper: Supports muscle function
  • Zinc: Supports a healthy immune system


Disclaimer: Due to high demand, some SKUs of our hydrogen-rich water cans may occasionally be out of stock. In such cases, we’ll substitute them with cans containing the same product but with different outer labels.


  • The Hydrogen Molecule: A Revolution In Health and Well-Being.

    Potential benefits:



    Post-Exercise Inflammation Support

  • What Is Hydrogen-Rich Water?

    Also known as HRW, it is the next generation in performance hydration for everyone from athletes to seniors looking to achieve optimal health, performance, and overall wellness. LOCK'D IN Hydrogen-Rich Water is Powered by H2forLife Technology which ensures hydrogen water with the highest potency of active hydrogen to unlock the body's potential.

Over 1,500 Peer-Reviewed scientific studies conducted since 2007 have shown that hydrogen has amazing potential for improving human health. Some potential benefits may include:

  • Post-Exercise Inflammation Support

    Reduces oxidative stress and metabolic acidosis caused by high-intensity exercise. Eliminates the damage caused by free radicals, helping the maintenance of sports state and performance.

  • Combat Fatigue

    Exercise increases reactive oxygen species in skeletal muscle, leading to tissue damage and fatigue. Molecular hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by inducing antioxidative enzymes.

  • Improved Mood & Well-Being

    Effective in reducing accumulated oxidative stress in the brain, potentially contributing to the maintenance of central nervous system activity and preventing decreases in Quality Of Life.

  • Immune System Boost

    Hydrogen’s small size allows for rapid penetration throughout the body, giving swift protection to the cells’ mitochondria and providing antioxidant protection to all parts of the cell.

  • Improved Memory & Cognitive Function

    Hydrogen-rich water improved memory function by inhibition of oxidative stress and reduction of interleukin-6 and TNF-α and the activation of astrocytes.

  • Heart Health Support

    Circulates around the bloodstream helping neutralize harmful free radicals, thus improving overall heart function, decreasing blood pressure, and normalizing cholesterol levels.

  • Increased Metabolism

    Improves body composition, favorably modulates fatty acid and glucose metabolism, while aiding with inflammation and redox homeostasis.

  • Promote Weight Loss

    The enhancement of energy metabolism through the intake of hydrogen-infused water leads to the suppression of fat gain and body weights while improving metabolic parameters.

  • Anti-Aging Effects

    Modulates aging via anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects, regulates autophagy, mTOR, mitochondria, and apoptosis - factors which contribute to the aging process and aging-related diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hydrogen-Infused Water

Doesn't water already have hydrogen in it?

Water molecules consist of two hydrogen atoms bonded to an oxygen atom. Hydrogen molecules, on the other hand, are simply two hydrogen atoms bonded to each other.

The hydrogen atoms in a water molecule are chemically bound to the oxygen atoms, meaning they cannot interact with other molecules or atoms.

When extra hydrogen molecules are infused into water, they are not chemically bound to anything - they are free, active molecules ready to interact with your body., including the hard-to-reach powerhouses of our cells

This scientific fact is relevant to our health because the hydrogen molecule has countless potential therapeutic benefits. But as we just mentioned, hydrogen must be in an unbound form in order for it to be absorbed by the rest of the body. This is where hydrogen-infused water makes its mark.

Since when have people been drinking hydrogen-rich water?

The earliest known account of the hydrogen molecule having medicinal properties dates back to 1798, when it was used to treat inflammation. However, it did not become a popular topic of research among scientists until 2007, when Dr. Ohta's group published an article in the prestigious journal Nature Medicine about the potential benefits of the hydrogen molecule.

What are the benefits of drinking hydrogen-rich water?

Hydrogen is a very powerful antioxidant that can help to neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a state of imbalance between the production of free radicals and the body's ability to remove them. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that can damage cells and tissues, leading to a variety of diseases and premature aging.

Hydrogen is the smallest element in the universe, and it can easily penetrate cells and tissues. This allows hydrogen to reach parts of the body where other antioxidants cannot, such as neurons and cell nuclei. Neurons are the cells that make up the brain, and cell nuclei are the control centers of cells.

By neutralizing free radicals and reducing oxidative stress, hydrogen gas can help to protect cells and tissues from damage. This can lead to a variety of health benefits, including improved heart health, brain health, and skin health.

Do hydrogen molecules escape out the can once opened?

Though the infused hydrogen molecules begin to escape once a can is opened, most of them will remain in the water for at least a few hours before their level drops below a therapeutic amount. The amount of hydrogen that remains in the water depends on a number of factors, such as the temperature of the water.

It is highly recommended to keep the water refrigerated as hydrogen escapes more quickly from warm water than from cold water. This is because warm water molecules have more energy and therefore more likely to vibrate and break the bonds between hydrogen atoms.

This is similar to how carbonated sodas contain carbon dioxide gas (CO2), which also starts to escape immediately after being opened.

Because hydrogen molecules do eventually escape, it is best to drink the water promptly before it goes "flat." We recommend finishing the can within 15 minutes of being opened.

What are the supplemental facts for LOCK'D IN Hydrogen-Rich Water?

Are there any clinical studies that cite the potential benefits of hydrogen-rich water?

There sure are. Over 1,500 of them since 2007 to be exact. Here are some examples focuses on specific areas of human health:








Nervous System


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Hidro Rich Water

Well done for the service.
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Tasted good

Tasted good bit pricey


Best hydrogen water on the market. And shipping is SUPER fast!


It's a good product. Would of loved a sticker though haha!


Smooth tasting! And mentally clear.

Quality is Assured by Following the FDA's Current Good Manufacturing Process

LOCK'D IN Hydrogen-RIch Spring Water with trace amounts of anti-inflammatory colloidal copper, gold, platinum & zinc is delivered in slim 12oz. recyclable BPA-free wide-mouth aluminum cans.  For best results drink directly from the container or use a straw. Drink all of the product within 15-30 minutes for maximum benefit.

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