What is OverSpeed Training?

What is OverSpeed Training?

OverSpeed is when an athlete moves his or her body, or parts of the body, at speeds higher than normal competitive speeds.

An OverSpeed workout requires an athlete to run optimally as much as 8-13% faster than they are capable of running unassisted. The OverSpeed workout will activate an athlete’s muscle motor units in synchronized work, and will recruit new motor units within the same muscle.

This means an athlete who is capable of running the 40-yard dash in 5.0 seconds will now be able to practice running that distance in an OverSpeed situation in 4.5 seconds. With six weeks of proper training that same athlete can shave between 0.2 to 0.5 seconds off of their normal 40-yard time. This is accomplished using the OverSpeed360 training system that incorporates elastic rubber bands fastened around an athlete’s body.

Why is OverSpeed Training Effective?

OverSpeed training is effective because it increases the intensity of training per unit of time. By alternating resistance and assistance at the highest possible speeds we are able to effectively load the muscles and train speed and agility to the highest possible level.

From a team perspective this type of training is invaluable. Everyone is able to train at the same time with groups of athletes working in tandem. While one is working, the other is resting, and they can switch immediately. You can introduce more complex arrangements with as many as three to six athletes working together at the same time. An additional benefit is that a team must work together, trust each other, and communicate information. The equipment is completely portable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The ultimate benefit is the built in response to this type of training because if an athlete is being pulled at 110 percent of their maximum speed, they have no choice but to respond. This allows the coach to get more work out of their athletes on days when they may not feel like pushing the limits. This helps to achieve consistency in training: something every coach and athlete is always striving for.

How is it Effective for Soccer, Football and Other Ball Sports?

This form of training bridges the gap between what is done in the weight room and what is done on the field of play. In ball sports, the most important physical qualities are speed and agility. The Overspeed360 System incorporates speed with change of direction into sport specific movements.

By relating OverSpeed Training to game situations we are able to train our players to apply their speed, strength, and agility for winning possessions, eluding defenders, making tackles, and ultimately winning games.


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