The Street Touch Soccer System

The Street Touch Soccer System

The Street Touch Soccer System is the first soccer training program to give specific direction to the concept of wall training and to develop the idea into a tool that all players can use in their quest to become the best soccer players they can be. There is actually nothing revolutionary about this program; for years coaches and players alike have agreed that using rebounding surfaces to train your soccer skills can be one of the most effective ways to perfect your skills and expand your range of abilities as a player. Wall training is about seeing opportunity where others see only cement, rubber, sheet rock, and metal.



It is well known that the best way to improve fundamental skills is practice, practice, practice, and wall training is effective in improving individual technique because of one simple training phenomenon: repetition. Repetition is the key to automating and polishing any specific skill. Using a wall as your training partner allows you to repeat the same skill hundreds of times over in a fraction of the time that it would take within a team environment. In this country the ratio of games to practices youth players is 2:1, therefore, it is difficult for our club teams to provide the proper technique training due to limited practice opportunities. With training time limited the wall offers players the chance to get the touches on the ball they need, on their own time.


We can find these rebounding surfaces all around us, indoors and outdoors, therefore climate and field conditions are never a set back to training. A major portion of the country is northern based so with this program, training time is maximized all 365 days a year. In addition to climate, a huge number of our population is urban based and many of our most talented youth are growing up in big cities. In those living conditions there are numerous rebounding surfaces all around to practice with.

The Ultimate Training Partner

With so much competition for sports in North America it is difficult for players to find even one or two friends to practice with, so the wall instantly becomes their best friend. In this way the players can take their development into their own hands. They can control the type of ball that they are receiving, in addition to the speed and angle. This entire program is based on the players using an accessible and effective training tool. This can be accomplished by using the side of a school wall, a street curb, cement partitions, or even a thick tree trunk. The goal is to help players become creative in their training and to give them the tools they need to take their game to the next level. The possibilities are endless!


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