Milo 'The LOCK'DIN Mascot'

Milo 'The LOCK'DIN Mascot'

Hi Friends!

My name is Milo. I’m a 6 year old Swiss Shepherd dog living in Canada with my Mommy, Daddy and 2 cat siblings, Mr. Kittles & Navi.

We live in a lovely little townhome by the lake side, which is perfect for me because I love to swim! I could swim and fetch those sticks all day if I had it my way! Luckily Mommy spoils me and takes me there just about everyday!

I love my Mommy so much, she is so special to me, just as I am to her. My Mommy picked me as her companion to care for her as a service dog for her Epilepsy. Since I was 8 weeks old I have learned how to help my Mommy while she's sick. Anytime she was about to feel sick, I was always by her side, alerting those around me and cushioning her while she convulsed. Daddy always showed me where I needed to be when the time came for me to do my job and protect mommy during her seizures.

Mommy had her first seizure in 2012 when she was 19, it wasn’t until 5 years later that I came to the rescue! Once I came along it became easier for both Mommy and Daddy to tell when Mommy was about to be sick. I’ve always had a natural doggy power to sense when my Mommy is sick, and when that sense comes to me, I feel so sad, and I never leave her side. That is how I would tell Daddy that something was going to happen. Daddy would recognize my odd behavior and stay home from work because he knew that I could sense Mommy’s monsters were heading her way.

The first year of my life was 100% dedicated to my Mommy. I brought her comfort and gave her inspiration to be healthy again so we could go on walks alone together, and just enjoy the simple things in life without fear. I saw her battle those monsters like a trooper! Mommy and Daddy were so grateful for me, I felt so loved and appreciated! I’m so happy that I was able to help them both on the journey to health.

And just look at her now! My Mommy is feeling on top of the world as she passes by another seizure free year! Now she is 5 years seizure free and boy does she ever treat me well! I may as well be your average dog now!

This life with my Mommy and Daddy has been a blessing. The best of both worlds, once a service dog, now I’m just a spoiled pretty boy who gets Mommy all to himself!

What can I bark? I live the best dog life! Mommy has been doing so well, her and Daddy were finally able to get married after being together for 13 years!!! In fact things have been so well for Mommy & Daddy that I have taken on a new role!

Many know me as Milo The Mascot because of my love for Lock'dIn Hydrogen Water! Being a dog who has an owner with a health issue, I know how important it is to take care of your body. I believe all humans and animals should know about how good hydration is for your body, mind and soul!

Thanks for reading all about me and my family! Lots of doggy love to you! - Milo *Roof Roof*