Coach John Zammit

Coach Zammit shares his experiences in Nutrition, Hydration, Fatigue & Inflammation

Coach Zammit brings many years of experience as a leader in education and youth athletics. He is a vocal leader who serves many roles as a history teacher, cross-country coach, and a basketball "jack-of-all trades" serving as a basketball referee, program director, head coach, and skills development trainer.

Coach Zammit is passionate and a strong advocate for personal development & growth for all human beings. Regardless of age or whether you are a student-athlete, a parent, or an ordinary human being seeking to be healthy and live a long happy and fulfilling life, Coach Zammit strongly believes it begins with an awareness that everything is energy! We are energetic human beings, and every choice has an impact on us.

Coach Zammit lives by the philosophy, “we are what we repeatedly do, watch, read, and listen to. Above all, our body, our mental and physical health is the result of what we choose to eat and drink, all day, everyday." The habitual, daily choices of what we eat and drink has a direct correlation to how we think, feel, and act. Coach Zammit believes consistent nutrition can be accomplished by having the right mindset towards food and hydration, and will share a few simple principles which have already helped many others in making consistent health choices.

Through our “Coach’s Voice” Coach Zammit will discuss the importance and the role nutrition, hydration, inflammation and fatigue can have on our mental and physical health. In his 20’s, Coach Zammit overcame an addiction to sugary-based drinks and processed foods. Coach faced the reality that he too needed to grow and evolve by learning more and taking accountability for his health and nutritional choices. Coach says, “Being healthy or fit is more than just exercising or playing a sport.”

Coach Zammit will share his experiences and knowledge on how we can all limit inflammation, fatigue, and reduce the toll of aging on our body. He will share his locker room teachings and mindsets, with how they can be applied to anyone at any age in life. In our “Coaches Voice” he will also share some of the challenges that many coaches and youth programs face and how parents can best support student-athletes at home.

Coach Zammit is excited to share his philosophies for developing strong beliefs and healthy habits which have inspired and empowered families throughout New Jersey, and now we look forward to welcoming and sharing his voice within our LOCK'DIN community.

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